Board Matters podcast: "Why are we here?" with Samantha Sharif

By Institute of Directors
20 Sep 2022
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The question “Why are we here?” underpins the approach to governance of Samantha Sharif CMInstD.

Samantha is a director of ASX-listed New Talisman Gold, SIL/MFL Mutual Funds, Motor Trades Association Group and is deputy chair of the NZ Shareholders Association. She is also on the Wellington branch committee of the IoD.

Samantha says understanding purpose is imperative to good governance.

“The question is part of a bigger conversation around purpose and that is the lens you have got to bring to the table,” she says.

It can be difficult when involved in a complex debate to keep sight of the decision you are trying to make, Sharif says. When that happens, bring up the “why?”.

“Once you have brought it back to that, you have a filter around what is going to add the most value in terms of productive use of board time, energy and resources. When we are having difficult discussions – or even simple discussions – bearing in mind that lens will help decision making.”

Boards should make time to discuss and understand their organisational purpose and ensure they all share the same answer to the “why” question, she says.

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