Board Matters podcast: "Where to from here?" with Melanie Templeton

By Institute of Directors
30 Aug 2022
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11 min to listen
Melanie Templeton MInstD

“What skillsets do you need to be a director going forward, for the future of New Zealand. What do you have to do, as a board, to become an adaptive or progressive board? How do we become a culturally intelligent board?’

Melanie Templeton MInstD is an independent director who sits on a range of boards, often with a technology focus. She has extensive expertise in audit, risk and finance.

In this episode, Templeton grapples with big questions about the evolution of governance and the role of directors in shaping New Zealand’s future.

“We might think about these things a little bit, but I don’t think they are front and centre – where they need to be – in board discussions,” Melanie says.

As the importance of stakeholders and communities continues to grow in global governance thinking, Melanie urges boards to have courageous discussions about how to balance their duty to the company with changing social and regulatory expectations.

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