Faces of Governance

We’ve recently hit a major milestone with our 10,000th member joining the Institute of Directors. 

To celebrate this achievement, we have launched Faces of Governance featuring our 10,000 members – who are at the heart of governance in New Zealand. 

Faces of Governance

Why good governance matters

See our members' perspectives on why good governance matters to them.


Linda Stewart

"Good governance means to me fostering a culture of integrity, that leads to a positive, performing and sustainable business. Guiding good decisions today, and setting up for good decisions into the future."


Dr Jerome Ng

"Good governance enables the achievement of better and more equitable health outcomes & healthcare experiences for the whānau and communities we serve."

Morgan Walker

"Good governance provides oversight, transparency and trust for the betterment of all stakeholders."

Member (MInstD)

Wi Pere Mita

"Good governance matters because it provides opportunity for innovation, growth, diversity and inclusion that, when balanced right, can have profound and meaningful impacts on communities, individuals, shareholders and stakeholders alike."

Ngahihi-o-te-ra Bidois

"Governance is important to me because governors lead and Leaders govern."


Kristy Christensen

"Good governance is about the having the people who represent a good cross section of society seated around the table, making decisions that benefit the people across the business and community, the environment and wider society to deliver good returns for a prosperous world."

Lorraine Thomson

"Governance is not just about being good, but being great – and that means showing empathy, tenacity and proactivity."


Stefan Speller

"Good governance matters because it provides to a clear and unique direction for an organisation, fulfilling the needs of those it caters to."

Steven Moe

"Good governance matters because we need purpose focussed companies who focus on solutions and that mindset starts at the boardroom table."


Virginia Nicholls

"Boards are facing new challenges and are adjusting to new conditions. Part of this is to ensure there are voices around the table from diverse backgrounds along with different skill sets."

Annabel Davies

"It matters to me that directors keep themselves relevant in these fast changing times."


Anchali Anandanayagam

"Good governance provides the foundation required for purpose driven organisations to have real impact and make a tangible difference to the communities they serve."

Ziena Jalil

"Good governance is central to an organisation meeting its purpose now and in the future - delivering for all its stakeholders, contributing to a fair and transparent business environment, and a more sustainable and inclusive society."


Anna Wilson

"I believe in good governance to create great working environments, successful entities and to ensure the longevity of business for the future generations."

Trish Oakley

"Good governance matters because it facilitates the sharing of ideas and knowledge, it leads to innovation,  productive outcomes and organisations that are resilient and sustainable."


Katie Bhreatnach

"Good governance to me is unlocking the magic of diversity of thought and great culture. "

Stephen Broad-Paul

"Good governance is important as it not only impacts profitability and sustainability it is also about creating a positive reputation and a healthy culture within the organisation so that  staff and customers identify strongly with the organisation and develop a sense of loyalty to the brand – simply creating the right tone and culture inside the organisation so everyone can win, comes from the top."


Peter Fa'afiu

"Good governance is about leaving the ladder down for the next person. This can be done through mentoring and providing a safe environment where a person can be at their best."

Tracy Johnston

"Good governance matters because it’s important that we proactively contribute in driving purposeful, positive outcomes for our shareholders and communities."


Caren Rangi

"Good governance matters because boards make decisions every day that affect peoples' lives and livelihoods, and in this complex world we now live in, robust  decisions help keep us all safe."

Daniel Wong

"Good governance matters to me because boards are responsible to shareholders and other stakeholders for creating sustainable, long-term value, thereby contributing to New Zealand's economic and social wellbeing."


Dr Areti Metuamate

"Good governance matters because our tamariki and future generations need robust, effective, and resilient, organisations that serve our people well."

Chartered Member (CMInstD)

Rick Shera

"Good governance matters to me because it enhances the strategic vision of the enterprise by ensuring it is operated legally and ethically, for the good of all its stakeholders."


Paul Bennett

"Good governance matters because it establishes trust in any organisation and provides confidence in how it operates. This is true whether the organisation is large or small, public or private, NFP or in the voluntary sector, a school board or a sports governing body."

Kerry Friend

"Good governance creates an environment of trust, confidence and credibility for all stakeholders, from business counterparties to staff, which enables the organisation to perform to its full potential, and which in itself will drive enterprise and social value."


Jon Foote

"Good governance matters because it helps an organisation with guidance and oversight, to achieve sustainable performance."

Rachel Sanson

"In the face of inequity, climate change, biodiversity collapse, and global disruption, I am keenly aware of the privilege of having a seat at decision-making tables at such a pivotal time, and conscious of the significant responsibility that comes with this, to guide outcomes that contribute to a just and sustainable future for people and planet.

I believe nurturing a governance environment that embraces difference and diversity in all its forms, allows people to bring their whole selves to the table – their unique perspective, lived experience, innovation, and connection to people and place – strengthening governance effectiveness and outcomes."


Mel Hewitson

"Good governance increases the likelihood of organisations fulfilling their purpose and objectives in a sustainable way that also benefits society and our planet."

Natasha Cockerell

"Good governance has the power to not only influence the governed entity, and the outcomes for it’s stakeholders, employees and clients, but also to make a difference in broader outcomes for whole industries and communities and lead the charge for positive change."


Ross Buckley

"Good governance results in successful and sustainable businesses which in turns results in stronger communities – and we all benefit."

Meleane Burgess 

"Good governance matters because it supports sustainable growth, financial stability and economic efficiency."


Michael Wallmannsberger

"Good governance matters because the decisions our organisations make today will shape the world that we live in tomorrow and the choices available to future generations."

Kirikaiahi Mahutariki 

"Good governance matters because at the end of the day, our decisions impact people, whether they are our clients or customers, our staff, shareholders, business partners, or fellow board members, our families and our communities.  As governors we have an obligation to put in place robust and relevant processes to ensure we make good decisions."


Lyn Lim

"Good governance is about leading and enabling a culture that optimises talents and opportunities, creating a business that is sustainable, a business that impacts positively and a business that prospers."

Hannah Doney  

"Good Governance = Greater opportunity to achieve maximum potential."


Tony Allison

"Good governance matters because it provides a variety of challenging perspectives that create better collective outcomes."

Lloyd Mander

"Good governance ensures that we’re bringing together the right skills, applying robust processes and leveraging diverse perspectives, to face complexity with confidence."


Simon Lockwood

"Good governance matters to me because good governance matters!"

Chartered Fellow (CFInstD)

Ian John William McInnes

"Without good governance we remove accountability and invite mediocre performance to grow."


Sarah-Jane Weir

"Good governance keeps every organisation, whether for profit or for purpose, safe and able to achieve its objectives over the long term."

Sarah Ottrey

"For me, organisational growth and resilience are at the core of successful governance  - and a hand up for our people and planet."


How to take part

We’d love to hear why good governance is important to you and hope you'll particpate in the Faces of Governance campaign*.

To contribute, please email the following to marketing@iod.org.nz:

  1. First name, surname, and your IoD postnominals
  2. A high-quality, unedited and uncropped profile photo (preferably against a neutral background)
  3. In a short sentence please answer the question: ‘Why does good governance matter to you?’

*By participating in the Faces of Governance campaign, you consent to the use of your name, photo and sentence for marketing purposes by the IoD. Your profile will be shown on a rotational basis on the Faces of Governance webpage and the campaign will be shared across IoD channels including, but not limited to, social media, email and Boardroom magazine.