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2021 mentees

Congratulations to our 2021 mentees

Daniel Wong MInstD

The mentoring for diversity programme has given me recognition that I'm on the right track for my governance journey and I am appreciative of my mentor's role as an independent sounding board, extending and encouraging me.

I am a trustee of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Foundation, and former board member/trustee of the NZ Shareholders Association, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Kohia Terrace School.

Stephen Broad-Paul MInstD

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been chosen in the 2021 cohort. The access I have had to my mentor, Ross Butler, has been incredible and something I would not have had, if I had not been on the programme. Being mentored by Ross, has given me the confidence and focus to build on my Governance career.

Annabel Davies MInstD

Being in the programme has given me confidence that I am Board ready.   While it was a shame we could not network more with our other cohort members, I definitely made the most of face-to-face sessions with my mentor.  The programme allows for a safe place to seek governance career insights. My mentor provided me with great feedback, she reviewed my CV, challenged my ‘why’, offered advice when asked, and now I feel I have a champion on my side who I want to stay in contact with.  That has been invaluable for me at this stage on my journey.

I am currently limited to Committee member on local Branch of IOD (BOP). Previously, I was with the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce and the BOP DHB.

Aimee Kaio MInstD

Mentoring for Diversity has been a great experience, this programme has pushed me to review 'why I want to be in Governance, and what value do I bring to the table'.

Although COVID has made it near impossible for our cohort to meet in person, I have made some good connections among the group. Of most significance for me, being paired with an amazing Mentor who has challenged my thinking and pushed me out of my comfort zone - career-wise, I have progressed so much in the past 6 months.

My current governance roles include:

  • MBIE - Southland Just Transition:  Co-Chair
  • Southern Institute of Technology:  Director
  • EAT NZ:  Board Member
  • COIN South:  Director
  • Deep South Challenge:  Kahui Maori Board Member
  • Antarctic Science Platform:  Kahui Maori Chair

Virginia Nicholls CMInstD  

It has been a great privilege to be on the mentoring for diversity programme working alongside and being challenged by a senior director, and for the interaction with the other colleagues in the programme. 

I have been on a number of SME private company boards and in the not-for-profit sector.  I am presently Chair of the Dunedin Prison Trust.  

Ziena Jalil MInstD

The Mentoring for Diversity programme has been an incredible learning opportunity on a range of levels - from my own mentor, who is a vastly experienced chair on several boards, from my fellow cohort members and their diverse backgrounds, and from the guest speakers that the IOD arranged for us. I have formed relationships and networks through the programme, which are already delivering mutually beneficial outcomes. Discussions have covered current governance issues including for example ESG, and co-governance in respect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and also supported self-reflection and building confidence as I further develop my governance career. 

My current governance roles include Education New Zealand, Asia New Zealand Foundation, DNA Design, Unitec, Manukau Institute of Technology, Cancer Society of New Zealand, and Cancer Society Auckland Northland.

Dr Caroline Christie CMInstD

I feel privileged to have been chosen for the Mentoring for Diversity programme. My mentor Abby Foote has been a great sounding board for the multiple complex challenges we are currently facing in the health sector. She has also given me confidence in my ability to govern in other sectors and provided assistance with my CV. I have enjoyed networking with the other mentees who are an outstanding and inspiring group of individuals. I would recommend the Mentoring for Diversity programme to other IOD members. 

My current directorships include:

  • Pegasus Health Charitable Deputy Chair
  • Pegasus Health Membership Deputy Chair
  • Catapult Employment Service Trustee
  • Autolights Director
  • Med Design Director

Michael Wallmannsberger CMInstD

Being part of the Mentoring for Diversity programme has helped me to deepen my understanding of trends and issues in professional governance form a variety of perspectives. Getting to know other participants in the programme has emphasised the incredible range of talents and energy available amongst those who are willing to take on board roles but do not yet have established governance careers. Being part of the programme has also given me a deeper understanding of the perspectives of experienced directors, those involved in appointing directors, and the Institute of Directors as the professional body.

Alongside his professional career as a cyber-security leader in a variety of significant corporate roles Michael was a member of the Council of InternetNZ and a director of the New Zealand domain name registry, a member of Crown Entity and national standards body Standards NZ, and the chair of the CERT NZ Establishment Advisory Board. He is currently an appointed non-lawyer member of the Council of ADLS and is co-founder of recently established specialist cyber security consulting firm Trust Hound.

Katie Bhreatnach CMInstD

It has been an honour and a privilege to be a participant in the IOD Mentoring for Diversity programme. The programme has supported my growth as a Director and provided invaluable insights and tools into developing a governance career.  This has come through the generosity of my mentor who is an experienced professional director, as well as from my fellow mentees and through guest speakers and events arranged by the IOD. 

Katie has over a decade of broad-based executive experience including in an ASX100, Fortune 500, start-up and an SOE, in sectors as diverse as food/Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), education, aviation and telecommunications. Katie is a Chartered member of the Institute of Directors and her current directorships include Te Wananga o Aotearoa, the College of Law, the Trusts Arena and St Marys College in Ponsonby.

Meleane Burgess CMinstD

Mentoring for Diversity has been an excellent programme for me as I embark on my governance journey.  The programme has given me a platform to learn from an incredible mentor who shares their experiences and expert knowledge about governance based on their own personal journey.  The programme has enhanced my abilities and widened my perspective and understanding about governance.   Throughout the programme I have gained more confidence to share my thoughts and values and I have an increased desire to make the most of my time on the Boards that I am part of.

My current governance roles include: Independent Director of Public Trust, University of Waikato Council Member, Future Director New Zealand Post, Chairperson Hillcrest High School, Trustee Anglican Action and Te Tamawai Trust. 

Karen Coutts, MInstD

I felt incredibly lucky to participate in the Mentoring for Diversity programme. It has been a great opportunity to work with an exceptionally seasoned and talented Director as my mentor. She has been supportive and positive about the capability and experience I bring to the table. She has also helped me focus on how to brand myself clearly so the role I play in the board is transparent as well as advising where I need to network further to advance my career. I definitely have a contact that I will keep: such a great role-model!

Despite not being able to meet face to face with my cohorts, our virtual contact has been positive and informative. I feel affirmed in my capability to work at the next governance level effectively.

I have a significant history of governance within iwi and the public sector.

My current governance roles are:  Chair Life Unlimited: a nationwide disability support services NGO; Iwi Co-Chair, MBIE Otago Regional Skills Leadership Group; Member, New Zealand Parole Board; Member, Otago Polytechnic Board; Member HSNO Committee, Environmental Protection Authority. I am an active RMA Commissioner and have just been appointed to the MBIE Financial Advice Code Committee.

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