CPD points 

A list of points automatically logged on your CPD dashboard and points for manual entry on your CPD dashboard.

Points automatically logged on your CPD dashboard*

Governance Essentials, Strategy Essentials, Finance Essentials, Risk Essentials, Digital Essentials, Rural Governance Essentials, Not-for-Profit Governance Essentials – 8 points each
Governance Development Programme – 12 points
Health and Safety Governance - online module – 5 points
Ethics - How directors do business - online module – 5 points

Directors' and Officers' Insurance - online module - 5 points
Company Directors’ Course – 40 points amortised over 2 years
Company Directors' Course - Non-residential - 40 points amortised over 2 years
Company Directors' Course Refresher – 16 points
Chartered Member Assessment – 10 points
Audit and Risk Committees – 8 points
Public Company Directorship - 12 points
Chairing the Board – 16 points
Leading Directors' Forum - 12 points
IoD Leadership Conference – 12 points per one and a half days
Branch events – 2-4 points 

Points for manual entry on your CPD dashboard

Writing and delivery of a governance presentation – (up to a max of 10 per year)
Publication of a governance related article – (up to a max of 10 per year)
Professional governance reading, eg boardroom magazine, governance articles and resources – (up to a max of 10 per year)
Governance development activity – eg mentoring (as mentor or mentee) as part of a board internship or formal mentoring programme – 5 points per formal meeting (up to a max of 15 per year)
Representation on an IoD professional committee – 5 points per meeting (up to a max of 15 per year)
BetterBoards (formal board appraisal) – 5 points
BetterBoards follow-up facilitation – 5 points
Directors' Fees Survey – 2 points

IoD partnership initiatives

Waikato University G3 – 40 points (amortised over 2 years)
LGNZ/IoD Governance training module – 8 points (per full day module)

Need more information?

View FAQs on CPD points.

*Points will not be automatically logged if a course is not completed. Members will not achieve completion if they miss:

  • more than 2 hours of the Company Directors' Course (5 day course)
  • more than 1 hour of Chairing the Board, Company Directors' Course refresher (2 day course)
  • more than 30 minutes of a one day course
  • any of a half day course
  • more than two sessions of the Governance Development Programme

An adjusted allocation of CPD points may be applied if a member does not complete a course of more than half a day’s duration. The member should apply to the Membership Team Leader for review.

Understanding your CPD Dashboard