Understanding your Dashboard

Understanding your CPD Dashboard

My CPD Dashboard

Once your renewal period has started, you will see your current CPD status and an overview of your points.

  • The blue box has your total accumulated points.
  • The green box has points allocated to future bookings.
  • The grey box has the points that you need in order to meet the CPD requirement by the end of your foundation period.

The graph shows your points in the same colour scheme as the boxes above it.

My CPD Dashboard

Future bookings

  • The future bookings table shows all branch events and IoD Director Development courses that you have booked to attend, as well as the CPD points allocated to each event/course.
  • Click on Show all to see all of your future bookings. In the top right hand corner is the total number of points for booked activities.

Future bookings

Rolling points accumulated

  • The rolling points accumulated table shows the events, courses and other activities for which you have accumulated points.
  • Any activity that you have completed through the IoD will be automatically logged with the CPD points allocated.
  • The top right hand corner shows your total number of points accumulated.
  • Click on Show all to see all completed activities.

Rolling points accumulated

Logging informal points and third-party activity

Informal CPD such as professional reading, presentations, mentoring, etc and third party courses will need to be logged and maintained by you.

See how to allocate CPD points for guidelines.

To make an entry, click on the Log other activity button and add:

  • date
  • provider (name of third-party or informal)
  • description
  • the points you are allocating for the activity

Click Save activity.

The self-logged CPD activity will now appear as accumulated points.

Add an activity

  • You can edit or delete any activity you have logged yourself. You are unable to edit or delete CPD completed through the IoD that has been automatically logged. A lock symbol will show next to this activity.