Determining our future: Artificial Intelligence 

Opportunities and challenges for New Zealand: A call to action

The potential reach of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is pervasive. The future impacts on the economy and society will be significant and disruptive. Governments, businesses, investors and research institutes around the world are applying ever-greater time and effort into developing and deploying the next generation of AI systems and considering the implications for policy and regulation.

The IoD and Chapman Tripp have developed a call to action paper highlighting the opportunities and challenges artificial intelligence (AI) presents.

Artificial Intelligence

It calls upon the government to establish a high-level working group on AI to:

  • consider the potential impacts for New Zealand
  • identify major areas of opportunity and concern, and
  • make recommendations about how New Zealand should prepare for AI driven change.

A working group with experts from science, business, law, ethics, society and government, should be tasked with considering the potential impacts, identifying areas of opportunity and concern and making recommendations on how New Zealand should prepare for AI-driven change.



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