Effective Networking with Nicki McClintock

22 May Rotorua 2
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When: Wednesday 22 May

Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Price: Members: $40.00

Non-members: $55.00

Location: Tonic Bar, Upstairs at The Terrace, 1029 Tutanekai Street, Rotorua

Who loves networking? Many of us don't – and we’re often doing it in our personal time - so let’s make it effective!

The purpose of the session is to equip you with some practical techniques to have better outcomes (and more fun!) at the next event you attend. We ensure that you go away with plenty of new ideas you can try right away and have the confidence to give it a go.

› The power of networking (some research)
› Where does new business come from?
› Networking non-negotiables – before, during and after each networking event

I’m a ‘learning junkie’ that loves to create lightbulb moments! I’m passionate about learning new things, helping others build skills and confidence, and communicating tricky things simply. 

Having always been interested in people and their businesses, after completing an Accountancy degree I began working for a Bank in 1999 and have been Banking (in one form or other) ever since. The last 12 years within ASB working with commercial and rural businesses.

I design and deliver workshops to customers, prospects and team members within two key areas of People and Business Development – including topics such as communication, coaching, leadership, customer engagement, negotiations and networking.

The dual purpose is to create business opportunities and build professional skills. The other part of my role looks at we can do better as a business, finding opportunities to improve, and then making it happen - through problem solving and project management.

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