Transitioning to the future of work with Hamish Wilson, Partner at Deloitte

2 May Tauranga 2
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When: Thursday 2 May

Time: 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Price: Members: $45.00

Non-members: $55.00

Location: Tauranga Club, Level 5, 72 Devonport Road, Tauranga

What Matters

The Future of Work - Embracing digital culture, tools, and approaches

The more things change…

Digital technology is having a profound effect on the 21st century organisation. It is fundamentally changing the way we work, the way we manage, where we work, how we organise, the products we use, and how we communicate.

With all this change, some things remain constant. Organisations, filled with people, still exist to unite around a common purpose, common values, strategic objectives, and to get things done. People remain the most critical asset of most organisations—but are increasingly in the shadow of machines and in a maze of technologies. Individuals are still bound by hours in the day and their mental ability to process information. Work (done by computers and people) must be coordinated to create maximum value.

Organisations still need great leaders, managers, and employees at all levels to get things done in an efficient and effective way. We believe there is tremendous unrealised value from this new era yet to be claimed in how we communicate and collaborate in the future work environment.

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Hamish Wilson is a Partner in Deloitte’s Human Capital Consulting Practice In New Zealand 

Hamish has worked in the Consulting field for more than 18 years.  Hamish returned to New Zealand 8 years ago from the UK Deloitte practice where he spent a decade working challenges for multiple clients across Europe and the Middle East.  Hamish has extensive organisational and transformation experience across multiple industries. 

Hamish’s experience covers the spectrum of human capital issues, including workforce of the future, workforce strategy and planning and organisation transformation. Hamish also has significant programme and project management expertise having managed several global programmes including Shell, Rio Tinto and Irish Health. 

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