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A profound shift

28 June 2017

Segments of the developed world are pushing back against the status quo and the effects are rippling through the global economy. Boards have a leadership role and must set the tone for a healthy organisation, which includes recognising the broader part their organisation plays in society. Boardroom talks to ASB Chief Economist Nick Tuffley about the changing world, and leading UK economist John Kay offers comment on the challenges businesses face in proving legitimacy in these challenging times.

Building a force - diversity without conflict

28 June 2017

Brigadier Chris Parsons talks to boardroom about leadership, why a wider lens needs to be applied to diversity and what peacekeeping roles taught him about avoiding conflict when building a diverse team.

I’m looking for…. A board position

28 June 2017

Whether you are an aspiring director looking for your first position, or an experienced director looking to expand your governance portfolio there are steps you can take to better position yourself for a new role.

The view from the helicopter

26 June 2017

boardroom June/July 2017 issue

IoD Chartered Fellow Tony Carter shares his views on governance, including what directors can do to improve boardroom culture and relationships between the board and executive team.

A bright future for New Zealand

01 May 2017

boardroom April/May 2017 issue

The IoD’s 8,000th member isn’t actually a new member at all. Mavis Mullins originally joined the IoD more than 10 years ago but ceased membership feeling that at the time the areas she really cared about – the primary sector and Ma - ori governance – weren’t well represented by the IoD. Times have changed and Mullins has reconnected with the IoD as the organisation builds greater engagement with Maori, and she is keen to be a part of those conversations.

Understanding the digital revolution

20 February 2017

boardroom February/March 2017 issue

Is your organisation agile? Are you ahead of the curve or behind it and do you have the capability to take a leading role? Do you as a director understand the convergence of technology that is upon us and the exponential rate of change society is experiencing? 

Sue Suckling, Victoria Crone and Murray Strong share their expertise on this topic as boardroom explores the age of digital and why directors need to think differently and prepare for what comes next. 

Board portals – Moving to a paperless boardroom

19 February 2017

Many large corporate boards have been using online board papers and board portals for years. 

Board portals are a digital governance tool primarily for directors. Portals allow board, committee and governance documents to be accessed digitally (eg board agenda, papers, minutes and policies). Other board portal features can include annual board plans, calendar management and meeting scheduling, email and discussion tools, news and updates, and board survey and voting tools. 

Taking a stand at the bottom of the world

21 October 2016

boardroom October/November 2016 issue

Amidst the allegations of wrongdoing and corruption in international sports, what is being done in New Zealand to ensure that our integrity remains? Boardroom speaks to IoD council member Alan Isaac, David Howman and Peter Miskimmin about the international sports landscape and the impact of good governance practices.