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Caught between

03 July 2019

Boardroom June/July 2019 issue

There is no reason New Zealand cannot continue to work with both the US and China, despite trade tensions between the two superpowers, says Charles Finny CFInstD.

Long-term thinking

07 May 2019

Boardroom April/May 2019 issue

The first Wellbeing Budget on 30 May will introduce concepts from private and public sector reporting to the Government's accounts and put long-term outcomes at the heart of spending priorities.

Are you a Samurai or a ninja?

23 October 2018

BoardRoom October/November 2018 issue

Exponential changes in technology are transforming the business world and the way we work. Artificial intelligence, big data, open data, virtual reality – everything is now underpinned by technology, and keeping up with constant advances is a huge challenge. Many of us can’t begin to fathom what the future will look like even two years down the track.

Governance at the museum

27 August 2018

BoardRoom August/September 2018 issue

As the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa celebrates its 20th anniversary, Kate Geenty talks to its chair Evan Williams about the challenges and rewards of governing the national museum, which included blurring some governance lines to guide the institution through tough times.

The importance of ethical leadership

03 July 2018

BoardRoom June/July 2018 issue

Are New Zealanders too polite to speak up when we see ethically murky behaviour at work? Are we too relaxed about formalising ethics? Dutch academic Karin Lasthuizen, who currently holds the Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Management at Victoria University’s School of Management in Wellington, thinks we might be.

The blockchain game-changer

27 April 2018

BoardRoom April/May 2018 issue

You may not fully understand what blockchain is yet but within the next few years it could underpin the way you do business.

Although blockchain is still in the early stages of its development, it has implications for almost every sector of society, says Dr Tomicah Tillemann, a director at New America’s Bretton Woods II programme and a keynote speaker at the IoD’s recent Leading Edge conference in Auckland.

Customers before tech

06 March 2018

Melissa Clark-Reynolds talks disruptive business models, why board composition matters, and why it’s more important for the board to understand their organisation’s customers than new technology.