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Top five issues for directors in 2018

16 December 2017

Directors operate in a complex and dynamic environment that features rapid technological change and increasing scrutiny of social, political and corporate behaviour.

The rise of AI

29 August 2017

BoardRoom August/September 2017 issue

From virtual assistants to driverless cars, technology imitating human intelligence is on the rise.
But at what ethical cost and how do boards future-proof their organisations in the face of rapid change? Tao Lin reports for BoardRoom from Japan.

$lavery; a modern problem?

01 August 2017

Human trafficking and slavery are not remnants of another time, as IoD Governance Leadership Centre Research Analyst Amanda Reid explains.

Big data, big questions

28 July 2017

Data is everywhere. Collected, collated, but used for what and for what purpose? Boardroom explores the risks and opportunities and what commentators are saying here and abroad about our data-driven future.

Reporting to a board

29 June 2017

Trust is the essential element of an effective relationship between a senior executive team and its board and while it can take time to establish, there are steps the CEO can take to ease the process.

Spotlight on corporate ethical behaviour

29 June 2017

BoardRoom editor Emma Sturmfels looks at public commentary and perception on ethical behaviour. What motivates an organisation to look at its ethics? And what directors need to be thinking about.

The challenge of authenticity

29 June 2017

When managing the inherent tension between ‘fitting in’ and ‘standing out,’ directors face the same challenge as leaders on other teams.