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Chairman’s Report – May 2018

30 April 2018

Canterbury Branch

I write in the last days of my Chairmanship before Geordie Hooft takes over on 1 May. As noted last month, I shall continue serving in the role of National Councillor. In this role my continuing aim is to provide Canterbury members a well-informed voice in IoD’s strategy development along with oversight of delivery by management.

Chairman’s Report – April 2018

27 March 2018

Canterbury Branch

It’s my privilege to write following re-election to the Branch Committee for another three year term. Thank you for your ongoing support; thank you in particular to members who attended the Branch AGM and voted. 

Governance and Risk Management with Rob Frost

26 March 2018

Canterbury Branch

The close relationship between strategy and risk is a key focus for Rob Frost, the head of Business Risk for Marsh New Zealand. This association creates an opportunity for greater consideration of risk during both the development and implementation of business strategy.

Chairman’s Annual Report 2017

26 February 2018

Canterbury Branch

On behalf of the committee of your Canterbury branch, it is once again my pleasure to report on the 2017 year; our 35th year of leadership in governance in our region, my second chairing this branch.

Chairman’s Report – February 2018

29 January 2018

Canterbury Branch

"I not only use all the brains I have; but all I can borrow, and I have borrowed a lot"- Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), 28th US President (1913-21) and Nobel Peace prize winner; a man often rated by historians as one of that nation's greatest presidents.

Chairman’s Report – December 2017

12 December 2017

Canterbury Branch

The Tongariro Moment

With Christmas nearing it’s a time for reflection. Personally the organisations I am involved with (especially the IoD) have had a pleasing year in 2017. In each case I am involved with a capable and confident CEO who works well with their board – long may that continue.

The changing face of governance in Canterbury

28 November 2017

Canterbury Branch

Duncan Cotterill, a Canterbury branch sponsor, drew on their extensive network to bring together an engaging panel of younger directors who are having an increasing impact on governance both locally and nationally. Duncan Cotterill Partner - Paul Dorrance, facilitated a fully booked breakfast event at their exceptional Victoria Street offices.

Chairman's Report - November 2017

03 November 2017

Canterbury Branch

"A good director asks the right questions AND then listens carefully to the answers"

- Sir Stephen Tindall, The Warehouse founding Director, Team NZ Chairman and major sponsor, venture capitalist and philanthropist and best of all our speaker last 28 September