International links

The IoD recognises the importance of considering governance on a global basis and maintains strong international links. The IoD is a founding member of the Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI) and is affiliated with the International Corporate Governance Network.

Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI)

The IoD is a founding member of the Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI), an association of sovereign state director organisations who are recognised for their pre-eminence in board and director development globally. Members share their expertise in corporate governance with a view to promoting excellence and improving director and board professionalism through research, education, dialogue and advocacy.

As agents of good governance and the decision-makers that drive investment and growth, directors have a critical role in society. GNDI aims to be the global voice for directors.

GNDI Global Passport

The Global Passport, a new program by the Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI), will unlock access to benefits and governance resources for directors from around the world.

Who is eligible?
The program is available for members from participating organisations in the GNDI network. To qualify for the GNDI Global Passport, you must be a member in good standing in your home jurisdiction’s director institute.

What are the benefits?
This program provides access to benefits from affiliated director institutes at discounted rates. Benefits include subscriptions to member-only publications, online governance resources, special pricing for events and director registry services, among others. Please contact the relevant director institute directly if you wish to take advantage of the benefits they offer.

What is the Global Passport advantage?
The GNDI Global Passport will open up opportunities to share experiences, learn from international colleagues and to keep current on business and governance trends impacting boardrooms across the world.

Who are the participating organisations?
Affiliate benefits are available from GNDI member organisations (see list below).

For GNDI members:
GNDI network members are offered member pricing on all IoD NZ’s Director Development courses and branch events. If GNDI network members wish to become a member of the IoD NZ, they will join as an overseas member and we will waive the standard joining fee (currently $150 including GST). Upon joining IoD NZ, GNDI network members will obtain access to the full range of member benefits. For more information please email:

The GNDI comprises:

Visit to learn more about the GNDI Global Passport.

Policy perspectives

The Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI) have made available to IoD members a series of policy perspectives.

Renewing the board - global best practice

The best boards identify the skills and competencies that they need, evaluate the performance of existing directors against the strategy of the organization, identify gaps, and then make informed decisions about composition regardless of director tenure.

Guiding principles of Cybersecurity Oversight - global best practice

Part one of this paper seeks to identify principles for the cybersecurity oversight in the new environment. Part two summarises key cybersecurity developments in the countries and regions spanned by the GNDI passport, and includes a brief guide for cybersecurity governance.

Principles of good governance - global best practice

The 13 principles cover a broad range of governance-related topics including disclosure of practices, independence, culture, board composition, leadership and relationship with management.

Board diversity: GNDI policy perspective

This paper describes the global perspective of the GNDI in relation to boardroom diversity. For details in relation to particular initiatives, programs, activities, publications and statistics in each jurisdiction, see the website of each director association comprising the GNDI.


Mandatory Audit Firm Rotation: GNDI Perspective

This paper describes the global perspective of GNDI in relation to mandatory audit firm rotation (MAFR).


Integrated Reporting - GNDI Perspective

This paper describes the global perspective of GNDI in relation to Integrated Reporting.